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Africa and the Middle East

Africa and the Middle East

Anthony & Catherine Duran

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and other southern Africa countries

Coaching and training for international pastors and ministry leaders in the concepts and principles of organic discipleship. For More Information:

Rick & Brenda Eisemann

E3 Partners, Cameroon

Leading short-term trips doing evangelism, church planting, anti-trafficking training and humanitarian projects.

Doug & Corrine Lowenberg

Assemblies of God, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, East Africa

Training and church planting.

David & Carol Schmidt and their son Nathan

Assemblies of God, Cameroon

Bible School and tabernacle evangelism.

Brandon & Melissa Stiver and their children Moses, Promise and Shepherd 

Global Effect, Tanzania 

Family-based orphan care and adoption

For More Information:

Tony & Kim Choi are the Missions Council Contacts for Africa and the Middle East. You can reach them at

Asia and South Pacific

Chris and Lindsey Carter and their children Wesley (12), Adelaide (10), and Hudson (8).

Assemblies of God, Japan and Asia Pacific
Pastoring an international church, Chi Alpha campus ministry, Bible college/pastoral training, evangelism.
For additional information:

Juan and Colette Gonzalez and their son Stephen (18).

Assemblies of God, Japan
Church planting, Japan Field Fellowship Chairman, evangelism through assisting local churches.

Mr. and Mrs. Missionary

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Sensitive area in Asia

Asia Anthropology Coordinators. They seek to provide administrators and project personnel with the consultants and cultural research they need to reach their translation, education, and community development goals.

Mr. and Mrs. Missionary

South Asia

Working in a sensitive area to see church-planting movements take place in unreached regions and among unreached peoples.

Tom and Connie Bohnert

Assemblies of God

Dave Brooks

Voice of China and Asia

Jon and Jenna Hudlow

Tiny Hands

Clark and Jennifer Jensen

Assemblies of God

Leighton and Suzanne Jones

Assemblies of God

Dan and Gail Klepel

Assemblies of God

Suresh Kumar

Harvest India

Dave and Stephanie Stewart


Court and Christine Moorefield are the Missions Council Contacts for Asia and South Pacific. You can reach them at