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Grow Group Leadership Training

Grow Group Leadership Training

Thank you for considering being a part of the Grow Group Leadership Team. Our hope is that Newport Mesa Church grows larger and smaller at the same time. We believe that in Grow Groups people will find community, connection, support, care, spiritual growth, and deep friendships. We hope you will help us provide this to our communities and we commit to equipping you with the knowledge and support to be a success.

I want to invite you to Grow Group Leadership training. Please consider becoming a:

LEADER – You will be asked to hold the culture of the group and facilitate a discussion in which everyone can participate. We are asking all leaders to finish Growth Track by the end of September.

HOST – You love helping people feel welcome and you have a home you can invite a group to. We are hoping to keep groups between 6 and 16 people. The host and leader will decide how many they can accommodate.

Please register and indicate what kind of role you would like to participate in.

We will go over what a Grow Group will look like from beginning to end, having specific training for each role. Our goal by the end of the training is to partner leaders with hosts in order to form a Grow Group. From there, we will promote our new Grow Groups and give people the chance to apply for a group to participate in.

Grace and Peace,
Jon Mestas
Grow Pastor, Newport Mesa Church

Join us on Thursday, August 30 from 5 – 8 pm in the Dome.

Dinner Provided. Please RSVP below.

With the launch of Grow Groups beginning in September, we want to equip you to serve on a Grow Group Leadership Team!