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Grow Group Bible Studies

If you are looking for a place to have spiritual discussions and meet other people, check out one of the Grow Group Bible studies below. These groups are open to new people at any time. Feel free to contact the leader for updated information and current study series.


Host/Teacher Contact Information: Adri Ras | | 949.293.3565

Age Range or Life-stage of Members: Adults

Meeting Time: Monday mornings, 10:30-1:30pm

Meeting Room: Fellowship Hall

Subject: Book of Revelation

Format/Description: Exploring the Bible is an in-depth study of Revelation for all men and women wanting to know more about what the Bible teaches on the “End Times.” We meet for worship, Bible study, prayer and fellowship, sharing a light lunch together at noon. The Lord, through His Word will be our teacher and Adri Ras, the facilitator.



Host Contact Information:
Keith Ewing | | 949.645.6398
Myrt Ewing |

Age Range or Life-stage of Members:   Adults, generally 50 and above

Meeting Time:  Sunday mornings at 10:30 am with coffee and doughnuts, at 10:45 am begin class; concludes at 11:45 am

Meeting Room:  Heath Bldg, Room # 106

Teacher:  Moderator, Keith Ewing,

Subjects:   Biblical books

Additional group book discussions: on a Friday evening, about every 5 weeks during the academic year.
Format/Description: In each session, we have a handout with questions related to the text:  we follow the scripture and may have quotes from commentaries.

We begin each session with prayer requests and sing a hymn.  Then we work through the hand-out.  Anyone can raise a hand and speak to the subject, comments and/or questions.   It is truly a discussion class; there are no lectures.

The class also holds periodic social get-togethers as well.


Host Contact Info:  Mark Cummings | 714.721.0883 |

Age Range or Life-stage of Members:  40’s through 60’s, some college age and young marrieds

Meeting Time and location:  Sunday mornings at 8:45 am in Smith 101, Vanguard University

Teachers:  Joe and Renee Dallas on a rotation

Subjects: Books of the Bible and topical discussions taught on a rotation:

Format/Description: Emphasis on studying the Bible to make it relevant to our everyday choices, relationships and personal spiritual growth in knowing and serving God. Begins with prayer requests and prayer time, then 45 minutes of Bible Study time with discussion and Q & A time either during the last 15 minutes or during the study, depending on the teacher.

Social get-togethers include quarterly potlucks and some outings. Periodic service projects.