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Grow Groups: Isolation to Community

September 2, 2018

Grow Groups: Isolation to Community

Question: What do you think are the main reasons your family and friends struggle with isolation?

Today’s primary texts: Genesis 3, Luke 14:15-24

Participate in a Grow Group and help restore that which is broken.

Talk about it: Questions to process with family, friends, and yourself.

  1. What are the things in your life that most move you towards isolation and disconnection?
  2. What would you have done, had you been Adam or Eve in the garden? Why?
  3. How can Newport Mesa Church embody the Luke 14:15-24 passage?
  4. How does contributing to healthy communities (Grow Groups) help put our world back together again?
  5. Why are healthy communities so rare and what can be done to make them more common?