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Mark 3:20-35 | Family Matters

July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017 |Jesus Changes Everything | Family Matters

Mark: What is Jesus changing in and through you?

Today: Who is YOUR family?

Mark 3:20-35: What does Jesus have to say about family?

Will we believe Jesus and trust his teaching?

But what about when I don’t do God’s will?

Jesus unites forgiven people who become his family.

TALK ABOUT IT: Questions to process with family, friends, and yourself.

  1. Who is your family? What makes a healthy/unhealthy family?
  2. Who is Jesus’ family? What makes his family healthy/unhealthy?
  3. Why is forgiveness so necessary for families and the church?
  4. How does Jesus’ teaching comfort those from broken families?
  5. How can you help someone experience God’s family?