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2019 – 2020 | TO THE FULL

At MOPS, we are on a mission to celebrate motherhood.

Our Fall session begins September 12th, 2019. Meeting times are Thursdays from 9-11:45 am.

We build circles of women who love each other like family, because raising humans is beautiful and hard, and having each other to lean on is life-giving. We welcome moms who are pregnant through moms of kids who are in Kindergarten.

MOPS includes childcare and a hot breakfast! You’ll get to hear a message from a MOPS speaker on a topic relevant to motherhood and afterwards we’ll spend time at our tables in discussion, growing deeper in community together. We also plan play dates and Mom’s Nights Out, and individual table groups often have their own events as well, giving you lots of opportunities to live life together with other moms.

Childcare for infants-kindergarten is included in our amazing MOPS Kids program. Our childcare providers are background checked members of the community with a passion for Jesus and a heart for kids. Kids follow a fun MOPS Kids curriculum throughout the year that includes songs, games, crafts, and more!


“MOPS has allowed me to connect on a deeper level with friends who understand me and love on my kids. There’s no greater joy than to see your kids accepted and loved and having friends who care about our whole family is a treasure.”

– Danae Overman, 3 years at MOPS

“I absolutely love THE PEOPLE. Being at a table and room full of moms is a feeling of love like no other. I love relating to others and hearing everyone’s stories. It’s nice to also get a little break and eat/drink coffee without little hands clawing all over you!”

– Sarah Orendorff, 4 years at MOPS


If you or someone you know is available to volunteer with the children in MOPPETS, please have them contact Eunice.

Please check our Facebook page for up-to-date information and also follow us on Instagram.

For more information about our MOPS program, please send an email to

If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund to help another mom participate in MOPS, please submit your contribution by check directly to our finance committee or the NMC office, or through the offering on Sunday morning.