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Stories of Generosity and Service

Top Secret

Christmas isn’t about the gifts you get, but what you give. Christmas is about serving others and sharing what you have with those around you.

In the midst of all the busyness of Christmas this year, let’s keep Christ at the center of everything we do,

  • The idea behind The Christmas Envelope is simple:
  • Decide what acts of kindness you and your family are going to do for others.
  • Write your story down and place it in the envelope provided in your Worship Guide (or any other envelope.)
  • Attach your envelope to the special Christmas tree in the Worship Center.

Throughout the holiday season, we are going to be reading stories of how people brightened someone’s day with just the simplest act. For families with young kids, keep the ideas simple enough so that your kids can be involved as much as possible.

Share your Story!

We would love to hear your stories of how serving others helped your family experience the true meaning of Christmas.