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VBS Sunday | Kids Matter

August 6, 2017

VBS Sunday | Kids Matter

VBS Sunday: “Kids Matter”

Today: What did we teach kids this week?

  1. God made you.
  2. God is for you.
  3. God is always with you.
  4. God will always love you.
  5. God made you for a purpose.

Mt. 19:13-15 & Mk.10:15 – Kids matter to Jesus!

What can kids teach us?

Kids get it.  How can we “receive the Kingdom of God like a child?”

TALK ABOUT IT: Questions to process with family, friends, & yourself.

  1. Does society/church value children/youth? Why/why not?
  2. Why does Jesus’ attitude towards kids create push back in his disciples?
  3. What is the greatest lesson you have learned from a child/teenager?
  4. How can we learn from the faith of children in the church today?
  5. How can we get out of Jesus’ way in reaching kids in our community?