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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Newport Mesa Church exists to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Our Vision

How does our community lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus? We believe the four promises God gave to the Israelites in Exodus 6 (Salvation, Deliverance, Redemption, and Fulfillment) still apply to our lives as guideposts to spiritual growth. We do everything we can to help people take steps toward these growth promises.

Know God –  Passionate, practical, inspiring, friendly, fun – these are some of the words we hear from our guests as they experience their first Newport Mesa Church experience. We hope you’ll agree.  With a simple focus on worship and the Bible, you’ll have the chance to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. And each gathering is designed with your friends in mind so you can invite them to check it out, too.  

Find Freedom –  We believe that real life change happens best in the context of authentic relationships.  Our “free market” Grow Groups meet throughout the week in places all around our city and provide a place for you to connect, pray, and grow in your relationship with Jesus.  regardless of your age, interest, or location, we are sure there is a group where others will know your name and care about what is happening in your life.  

Discover Purpose –  Get started on the pathway to discovering more of your purpose and realizing more of your potential. The Growth Track is a series of classes that can be completed in four Sundays.  They will guide you through the essential steps in a growing relationship with Jesus, connect you to our church’s vision, and introduce you to many different teams you can put your passions to work to make a difference in the lives of others.  We can’t wait for you to get started!  

Make a Difference –  Our world is in desperate need of the hope-filled message that Jesus offers.  God has called us to carry that message wherever we go.  For Newport Mesa Church, “Go” starts with Sunday!  God has a unique place where you can use your abilities and passions to impact the lives of others.  Even though there are many different teams, we are unified in our purpose to share the incredible message of LIFE that God offers. Joining the Go Team gives you the opportunity to be used by God, to serve alongside others, and to leave a legacy that will last forever.  We’d love for you to join the team.  

Our Motto:

“It’s ALL about changed lives!” This is inevitable when we choose to follow Jesus.  This is also the BEST kind of proof we are accomplishing the mission.  How has God changed YOUR life?